The Direct-Funding Respite Program

The Direct-Funding Respite Program

RMCDC administers funds for up to 28 families to purchase their own respite care. Families who meet the Ministry for Children and Family Development requirements are eligible to receive Respite Program services until their child reaches the age of seven.

Who can refer to the Direct-Funding Respite Program?

Eligibility is determined by the Ministry for Children and Family Development and funds are provided by the government. For information on the referral process, contact your Family Support Worker or MCFD Social Worker.

What happens once a referral is made?

RMCDC will be contacted by the Ministry for Children and Family Development when the referral has been approved. The family will be placed on a waitlist for respite services and will be contacted to complete a Respite contract when a space becomes available. Families will be required to complete monthly forms to verify the use of the funds. Any funds received but not used within a fiscal year (April – March) will be returned by the family to RMCDC.

How are Respite services provided?

Respite services are delivered in the form of a monthly cheque which will be mailed to the family at the beginning of each month.