Family Connections Program Referrals

About Family Connections Program Referrals

Who can refer to the Family Connections Program?

Anyone can refer to the Family Connections Program including the family, social services agencies, physicians, any other professionals, and schools. The family must be aware of the referral and a Family Connections Request for Service form must be completed. The form can be downloaded and returned by email, fax or dropped off at the Centre.

What happens once a referral is made?

When a referral is received, the keyworker contact the family to schedule an Initial Intake. At this time, the family’s strengths and concerns are discussed. In collaboration with the family, techniques and strategies are devised and tailored to address the specific needs of the family and child/teen.

How are Family Connections services provided?

Services include advocacy, education, assistance navigating various agencies that may be involved with a family/child/teen, supportive counseling and intervention with parents/caregivers and children/teens. Each family has different, unique needs and the strategies/techniques are tailored to address this.