Parent’s Rights & Responsibilities



  • You will receive copies of all reports written by RMCDC clinicians about your child and family
  • You may request and distribute as many copies as you like
  • You may request access to your child’s file at any time by contacting the Executive Director. (Please note: Under the Freedom Of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, RMCDC is not allowed to make copies of reports originating at other agencies. These need to be requested from the organization where they were written.)
  • You are encouraged to ask questions about any aspect of the services you are receiving at the Centre.

Each time a new service or intervention is introduced to you, you have the right to receive complete and unbiased information that allows you to make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed. In particular, you have the right to:

  • Know the potential benefits and/or risks of a service or intervention
  • Know about any possible complications
  • Know about reasonable alternatives, if they exist
  • Know about any diagnostic assessments used that might affect the type of intervention provided
  • Ask questions
  • Receive adequate answers
  • Receive information in a language that you understand, either verbally, with the assistance of an interpreter, or in writing, through the use of translated materials
  • Refuse any service or intervention after you have been informed by RMCDC staff of any potential risks associated with refusal


All staff and volunteers of Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre sign an oath of confidentiality when they are hired. Breaches of confidentiality are grounds for discipline up to and including termination.

  • Personal information is held in confidence.
  • Clinical information may be shared verbally with other members of your child’s treatment team at RMCDC and elsewhere when to do so is deemed to be in the best interests of your child and family.
  • Clinical information may be shared between a clinician and his or her supervisor or peer consultant.
  • Client files will be accessed only by clinicians treating your child.
  • Written information will not be released without your signed consent.
  • Office staff who prepare reports and manage client files have access to information on a need-to-know basis.
  • Volunteers do not have access to client files.
  • By provincial law, all individuals are required to report suspected child abuse or neglect. RMCDC abides by this moral and legal obligation.


Family members have the right to:

  • Complain about services without jeopardizing those services
  • Have confidentiality maintained throughout the complaint process
  • Have a support person or advocate involved throughout the complaint process.

(See RMCDC Complaint Resolution Process in this Package)



Please call the Centre at 604-463-0881 as soon as possible if you need to cancel any appointment, whether scheduled for the Centre or at home.

CANCEL APPOINTMENTS WHEN YOU OR YOUR CHILD IS ILL OR HAS A COLD and follow the RMCDC infection control program (posted) : some of the children we work with may be compromised by viruses that would not affect otherwise healthy children.

ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your children during visits at home and at the Centre.