‘is’ verbing

This package contains activities that you can do with your child that focus on using verb-ing appropriately. If your child makes an error it’s best to recast (say it again using correct grammar) so they can learn from your model. For example if your child says “he is sleep” then you say “He is sleeping. He is sleeping in his pajamas. He is sleeping with his teddy bear. “

It is more helpful to practice for shorter amounts of time (e.g.: 5 – 10 minutes) two to three times a day. Choose activities that your child enjoys, and use words/ phrases that are relevant to your child.


– Charades – with two adults, the child acts out an action (jumping, brushing hair, skating, mowing the lawn, watering flowers etc.). The other can guess and the child can say “I am verb-ing”.

– Book reading – look at the pictures while book reading, and describe what the characters are doing. Such as he is climbing, she is running, he is playing soccer, she is sleeping etc.

Recommended books:

click  Here are my hands – Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault
 5 little monkeys (jumping)– Eileen Christelow
 The little engine that could (chugging) – Watty Piper
 Just me and my dad – Mercer Mayer

follow – Make a book – cut out pictures from magazines, or download pictures from google of people doing actions. Glue onto pages and talk about what the people are doing in the pictures. Each page can be its own story it doesn’t have to be continuous.

go to site – Nature walk – as you walk through a park or your neighborhood, you could describe what is happening around you. For example, the cows are eating, the leaves are falling, the cars are driving, the rain/snow is falling etc.

– Simple board games – Playing games such as candyland, snakes and ladders, hi ho cherry oh, hungry hungry hippos etc. You could describe what you are doing as you do it. For example, I am spinning, I am moving my token, the hippo is eating all the balls, I am rolling the dice etc.

– Use the attached activities for more practice

These are general guidelines, if you have any questions or would like more information, contact an SLP at RMCDC.
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